How to Cram for an Exam with Smart Drugs

studying If you are trying to pass a test or just want to finish up a long and difficult paper, it is worthwhile to look into nootropics and other substances that could help you to get the edge over your competition. Most people don’t realize that adding some nootropics to the mix can make a big difference in your ability to focus and memorize the material that you need. Learning how to cram is more about the information on the test itself. It’s actually about how the entire process should work.

Not only do you need to be able to concentrate on the task and the information in your exam, but you need to know how to recuperate from a lot of work and lack of sleep potentially. One of the best ways to get enough sleep and get a better quality of sleep is to use something like melatonin or 5-HTP. In some cases, the sleep quality is improved when using the natural amino acid L-theanine. This might be another option for you to take as well.

 Combining L-theanine and caffeine might also help you when it comes to concentration on the test material itself. This is the part of the exam where you are most interested in getting results that are steady and yet impactful. Other than this combination for your test, you can also look at stimulants like adrafinil, which acts as a precursor for the Modafinil molecule which is a wakefulness agent that is perfect for test taking. If you are feeling like something that is both stimulating and memory enhancing, opt for aniracetam or even phenylpiracetam. Most of these nootropics can be found via websites like

 Each of these is going to interact with your body different so it is important to take all this into consideration before making any moves.

Why Brain Drugs Are More Popular Than Ever

Most people who have started to improve their brain health through dietary needs find that there are a few things they can do to shift their cognitive function. For one, people can easily eat more fish or take fish oil supplements to get the best results. Then, they can try to cut out gluten from their diet and find out what it is like to not have those blinders on!

However, some of the things that make the most difference are the smart drugs also known as nootropics, which are gaining popularity for a multitude of reasons. For one, movies like Limitless are making people believe that they have unlimited mental potential no matter the reality.

Scientific studies are also catching up with the brain drugs and that makes it much easier for people to have faith in these nootropics. For example, drugs like piracetam, aniracetam, oxiracetam, and noopept, which are among the most popular nootropics for enhancing memory, have now been studied for over 40 years. This makes a huge difference for someone who just wants to dabble in the waters of nootropics without going in full steam ahead.

At the end of the day, it is important to make sure that you are researching these things as carefully as you can. There is a Reddit subsection that is filled with all the popular brain drugs that you can research and read about for full advantages. This is one of the most important things that you can do and it’s going to help you with dosage information and synergistic compounds so that you get the best results for your money.

Nootropics are popular because science is catching up and people realize that they want to get ahead of the global curve. People across the world are getting access to the highest levels of education, which makes competition fierce and smart drugs are often the best key for high intensity work.

What Types of Fat are Healthy?

There are many different types of fats that you will find at the grocery store and with all the media coverage of fats, you’ll find that in most cases they are not considered healthy. Fat makes you fat is a common refrain among those who do not have the right understanding of research and how the body functions.

There are many different types of fat and many of them are very healthy for you. It just requires that you actually develop an understanding for the right fats and buy them over others to have the healthiest options in your home when you really need them.

Fat and Health – A Common Need

Fat is actually a dietary requirement and without fats, you will not be able to function. Hormones start to get all out of whack, you will find that it’s much harder for your brain to function (it’s mainly made of fat). In all, you’ll see that fat is one of the most important nutrients and it just needs to be consumed in moderation and with the right kinds.

Saturated fat is one of the best kinds of fat and you can get this primarily in butter and coconut oil. A healthy combination of olive and coconut oil is going another great way to get monounsaturated fats in addition to the saturated options. Combined, these three options (and perhaps palm oil as an alternative to coconut) are the best trio that you can have.

If you are thinking about using canola or other similar kinds of oils, it is going to cause you problems. At the end of the day, getting the right kind of fat is more important than just about any other aspect of your diet. Keep in mind that fat is supposed to be 1/3 of your macronutrient profile and that is a huge amount.

Taking Energy Consumption To The Next Level

Considerations When Purchasing/Using Solar Energy

There are two major reasons wherefore people all across the world try to save energy. In a world where everyone cares for themselves and their families, it makes perfect sense to be concerned about the costs. Energy costs keep going up on a regular basis. It is just part of life. Everything costs more and more as time goes by. However, energy is crucial for your comfort and convenience.

From this point of view, saving energy is about saving money. If you take your time to analyze where you are wasting energy and how you can save it, chances are you will save a decent amount of money on a yearly basis. If you do the math for five or ten years, the result will be encouraging enough to direct you toward other sources. After all, solar panels rely on a source of energy that is less likely to be gone while you still exist – the sun.

On a different note, there is also a different category of consumers who are more concerned about what they leave behind. These are the environmental advocates. They would rather sacrifice some of their convenience, comfort and money in order to preserve the environment. They are aware of the negative consequences of human actions over the planet. They do not only care about themselves, but also about the environment.

These individuals know what global warming means. They try their best to leave a peaceful and healthy world to their children and grandchildren, so they recycle, adopt healthy lifestyles and preserve energy. The financial purpose of this action is only a positive and direct consequence of their lifestyles. Once again, solar energy becomes the most appropriate solution for their necessities. The sun is less likely to go out too soon anyway, so renewable energy can keep the planet safe overtime.

Understanding the operating principles of solar panel systems

Understanding how solar panels work is probably the best way to convince yourself that you are about to make an excellent choice. They only require sunlight for a top notch operation. They grab it from the sun and convert it into direct current energy. For maximum efficiency, they are usually installed on the roof. They may also be installed in open fields, as long as there are no tall trees or buildings around. All in all, since homes require alternating current electricity, the energy is not used as it is. Instead, it is transformed with an inverter.

Once you have all these, you can finally power your appliances. If you are still connected to the utility grid, you can sell the excessive energy to the local network. On the other hand, if you have large batteries, you can store it accordingly for further uses.

The overall efficiency is obviously directly proportional with the location. Solar panels are most efficient when they face the sun, so they should never be orientated toward north. They need to be installed at a specific angle as well, while trees and tall buildings are out of discussion. Your location is also relevant, as well as the climate and weather conditions. Just like you have probably guessed already, solar panels are excellent for hot sunny areas.

How to tell how much energy and panel capacity your household requires

Understanding the current and future necessities of your household is imperative before even educating yourself on solar panels. Not sure how to guess how much energy you require? There are a few easy ways to tell. The hard way implies counting all the appliances around the household, as well as their needs and usage frequency. The easy way implies checking out the last year’s bills. It is usually a matter of minutes. Solar panels function at their peak during daylight, just like you do. As the sun loses its intensity, so do they. Your lifestyle is also quite relevant in the process.

If you are a night owl or you spend most of your daytime at work, you do not require too much energy during the day. Therefore, you can get along with a small system. On the other hand, if your family is large and different family members have different needs, you should opt for a large system instead. Matching these two variables is the solution to get a solar panel system that will pay for itself quickly.

If you are already thinking about making money by selling electricity to the local utility network, you should think twice. For now, chances are you will not make a lot of money by feeding energy into the grid. Time might change, yet given the increasing popularity of solar panels, this will probably never be a good business idea. Instead, enhancing your financial situation is all about maximizing the internal use. Exporting should not even be taken into consideration.

Selecting the right types of solar panels

Years ago, solar panel capacity was directly proportional with your available roof space. Things have changed a little over the past few years, especially with the wide variety of innovative changes in this industry. Back then, limited roof space asked for a top notch efficiency. You were mostly limited to mono-crystalline panels, which were quite expensive. Their efficiency did pay off, indeed, but the initial costs were quite high. Luckily, polycrystalline panels have overcome these issues. Even so, you still have to put output and panel size in a balance. You do not want to overcrowd the roof and kill scalability.

Determining the efficiency of a solar inverter

Without a power inverter, solar panels will not be able to supply your home with energy. The inverter is nothing but a simple box that converts power. It can be installed in any home, since it does not require too much room. However, despite the insignificant appearance, solar inverters are not identical in efficiency. A poor quality inverter will take more time to pay for itself, so pay attention to this relevant consideration. Efficiency is reversely proportional with the waste during the conversion. Be aware of generic brands built in countries that you cannot even locate on the map. Just stick to the front runners.

Assessing the climate before getting solar panels

The climate is probably the most significant element when not sure whether or not you should get solar panels. It tells you how much sunlight you should expect on a yearly basis. Obviously, the closer you are to the equator, the more sunlight you will get. Days are also longer in the respective area.

Snowfall is not a problem, unless it floods your panels. Some parts of your roof are less exposed than others. If you got snow during winters, the panels will be covered anyway. What you do not want is to have snow buildups on them. Think about cloudy regions too. The more cloudy your area is, the less efficient solar panels will become. They will still be economical though.

Smog, air density (thinner is better), temperature (lower is better), fog and winds are not to be overlooked either. Sometimes, these factors are all related to preventing unexpected situations. Humid environments can ruin joints, so seal them appropriately. As for wind, you better ensure that your equipments are perfectly installed.

Exploring the limitations associated with panel installation spots

While it looks like you got plenty of options for solar panels, the truth is that you do not. Of course, you are free to install them in your basement too, but then, you want a top notch efficiency. If your home construction allows it, the roof is by far the best place. The roof should face southwest, while its inclination angle must be at around 45 degrees. Of course, you can pick other places too, but the more accessible these panels are, the more wear and tear they are exposed to. Besides, mounting racks tend to skyrocket the costs. As if all these were not enough, they will ruin the overall appearance. Your home will end up looking like a factory, so racks kill its appeal.

When it comes to the altitude, it depends on the sun’s. You have to do a little match. Consider the two equinoxes – March 20-th and September 20-th and check the altitude between these dates. The angle is highly connected to the latitude as well.

The real challenge occurs when trying to spot the south. You probably know where the sun comes from. You know where it goes down, so you just have to check the sides. A compass can be just as helpful – apparently. The planet is not so perfect in construction. Therefore, the south will not always match the compass indication. So how do you do it then?

Stick a short pole into the ground. It can be anything – even a broom. Check a local newspaper and find the dawn and dusk times. They are usually mentioned. Do the math and find the middle minute. It will be around noon, with or without an hour. It depends on the time of the year though. Check the pole at this middle minute between dawn and dusk, while its shadow will indicate south.

Installing solar panels yourself versus hiring a specialist

There is a fairly good chance to be able to install the solar power system on your own. A lot of people choose this option for its cost efficiency, since they no longer need to pay contractors. On a different note, this option may also cause a lot of defects and a decreased efficiency if you are not experienced with such technical things. Therefore, hiring a contractor does have a few benefits as well. Solar systems are like puzzles. If you miss a subtle element, your work becomes useless, so experience has a huge impact on the final outcome.

Do your homework and check some considerations before making a final choice. First of all, read a few manuals. Read them twice and ensure that you understand everything. You can find manuals for free online, depending on the solar system you purchase. If something is not clear, get a different system. Get in touch with the local requirements too. Are there any aspects you have to respect? Are there any permits you need to obtain? These things become your responsibility. Double check with the insurance company as well. Some companies may not accept DIY operations.

Other than that, you should know that some manufacturers do not really sell equipments to random individuals. Instead, they only deal with licensed contractors. You might, however, be able to come up with a good deal, but chances are you will lose the warranty. Since warranties for solar panel systems float between 10 and 25 years, this is not something you want to overlook. At the same time, it might be a good idea to analyze your savings. Do not make this decision without putting both solutions in a balance. How much money can you save by conducting the installation yourself?

Most contractors do not buy one or two systems per request. Instead, they buy in bulk. Therefore, they have better prices than you do. Sometimes, even if you hire a contractor for the installation, you may obtain a better final price than doing it yourself. Try to get quotes from a few different contractors before making any assumptions, but also get in touch with more manufacturers and check their price tags.

Last, but not least, remember that this is not the type of DIY project that can be fixed and adjusted as you advance. If you are new to electricity, you better forget about this idea. Solar power systems can expose you to a series of dangers. They may show up out of nowhere. Not understanding electricity may lead to ugly accidents.

As a short final conclusion, solar power is likely to take over the world at some point or another. The change is quite slow, but also obvious. More and more individuals opt for the regenerative energy for both their homes and commercial properties.


8 Lifestyle Changes For A Better You

This is a Guest Post from a friend of mine that has recently been trying to change his lifestyle for the better.

Feeling overused and stressed out by your daily routine? Whenever you hear this question on TV, you are usually recommended to get a particular medication. However, the truth is that you do not necessarily need drugs and chemicals to miraculously change your life. Such things do occur out of nowhere though. You would love to avoid traffic, mortgage rates and annoying bosses. Instead, you want your life to be immaculate, with no issues. Does it sound impossible to get there? To some people, it does. Those are the ones who always feel negative.

These people will never manage to overcome a particular moment in their lives. Negativity is one of the things that keep them back. They waste hours thinking about others, gossiping and blaming stuff, without realizing that they are the only ones responsible for fixing their problems. They never even try to see things from a different direction. They never do anything to improve their lives, yet they hope for the best. Unfortunately, chances are they will never even get to start. Their lives will be miserable. They will never have enough money to go on vacation and they will never have too many friends, only because of their attitude. These type of people never want to go anywhere, never want to do anything. One way to stop negativity is to start saying “yes”.

Things are not as hard as they might seem. In fact, they are quite simple if you only make a few changes. As long as you truly want to do it, you can. The key is to take it slowly. Complete one phase at a time. Begin with small things. Small goals lead to large goals. Keep calm and be positive. These are probably the most important things in life. When you develop a positive attitude, you will inevitably start doing things in a positive manner. Negativism attracts bad things, while positivism attracts success and good results in the long run.

First Thing – Stop complaining, drama queen!

Think about the last time you complained. What happened after? Who did you complain to? Did you solve the problem? Exactly! Complaining is a time killer, but it does not solve problems. The situation is even more severe because instead of focusing on solving it, you focus on making it look even harsher. Besides, you aggravate it. It looks more negative than ever. Complain some more and it will look even darker. Unfortunately, some people complain about everything. You probably have a few such friends too. Those are the negative individuals who never manage to solve their problems.

Complaining goes even further though. Think about people who complain all the time. At some point, they become irritating. You try to help them out with a couple of good tips, but sooner or later, you start avoiding them. If you count yourself in this category, you better stop doing it right now. This is a vicious circle, so you have to stop crying on others’ shoulders out of dumb reasons. Life might look complicated, but seeing the full half of the glass will work a long way. Things will improve in no time.

Start waking up early

Aristotle was one of the most important and enlightened philosophers. He released a lot of theories regarding the connection between sleep and personal development. He used to say that waking up before the sunshine will bring wisdom, health and wealth. You do not have to be a genius to observe that though. People who wake up early are more productive, better organized and a lot more optimistic. This is not just an assumption or a trend. It was clinically researched and proven. The benefits are obvious from the first day.

Waking up early allows you to enjoy more hours. You no longer need to complain about the so called lack of time. After all, everyone has time, but this is a matter of priorities. Besides, what can be more enticing than starting a day your own way? Forget about waking up, having breakfast in 5 minutes, dressing up in 10 minutes and leaving for work. Instead, take your time, enjoy your favorite morning activities, have a coffee and exercise. There is no one else around to bother you, since everyone sleeps.

Not sure how to start? Forget about telling yourself that you want 5 more minutes and put the alarm clock somewhere far – ideally, on the wardrobe. This way, you have to “workout” a little to pick it up by getting a chair and climbing on it. There is just no better way to ensure that you will actually wake up.

Seeing life in black and white? Hello, 1920!

Life is supposed to be full of color. Seven out of ten people see it in black and white. Whose fault is it? Definitely not yours. People can be as positive or negative as they want to. It is a matter of personal choices. Osho once said that life is almost perfect. It is, indeed, great. You do not have to win the lottery or end up with a model in your bed. A perfect job or a perfect relationship do not exist. Actually, they do, but only in your imagination. The real challenge is to know how to take advantage and enjoy the things you have and know. Set some goals, chase them and keep advancing, but keep in mind that perfection cannot be defined.

If you see your life in black and white, you probably live by an old fashioned concept – all or nothing. The bad news is that you cannot have all. Therefore, you will have nothing. It does not take too much to understand this concept. On the other hand, changing your perception over life is all about asking yourself to do it. Accept things, train yourself to stop dreaming about perfection and appreciate small elements around your life. This is only an exercise, but it will work wonders overtime. In a world where everything is possible, there is just no reason to be negative.

Push your brain further

PiracetamA lot of people take supplements for muscular growth, detoxification and so on. They have become an actual trend these days, so they are everywhere. But how about taking supplements to boost your brain instead? After all, there is no point to have muscles if you are dumb. You only become part of a stereotype – big muscles, little brain. Boosting your mental function is probably a lot more important than boosting your muscles. It will take you further in life, but it will also add to your productivity, satisfaction, motivation and success. Nootropics are brain related supplements. They act in a few different ways, depending on what you actually need help with. Keep in mind that many are using nootropics to get a mental edge, the following article poses the question are smart drugs driving silicon valley, and presents one perspective with regard to nootropics.

Nootropics represent a particular class of brain supplements. They will boost the focus, memory, learning capability, mood, motivation and cognition. They also maintain the overall brain health in the best shape. Plenty of people out there rely on nootropics for all kinds of purposes, but then, the general goal is the same – enhancing the brainpower. Have you seen Bradley Cooper in “Limitless”? Nootropics are pretty much the same, only they are legal and they do not turn you into a genius overnight.

Having meals in a rush? Break this bad habit!

In a hectic world where no one has time for nothing, most people have no clue how to enjoy small pleasures. They do not even care about them anyway. Eating is one of these things. A couple of decades ago, people used to spend an hour having lunch or dinner. Elders still do, since they maintain their old traditions. But young adults can have a meal in less than 5 minutes. Sometimes, you may not even have the time to do it slower. Perhaps you need to get back to your office in 15 minutes. But with all these, you should still focus on your food. Enjoy every moment, every bite and every type of aroma.

Try to avoid temptations, especially since most of them are related to nothing but your work. You will get back there soon enough, so detach yourself from it for a few minutes. You may have some phone calls to make or perhaps you need to complete a project by the end of the day. Forget about them for 15 minutes. Just stick to your food. Chew slowly. There is just no better way to reduce stress and improve your efficiency. Besides, choosing slowly will also prevent the food from turning into fat. You do want to look good too, do not you?

Too much confidence in stereotypes? Come to the bright side!

Stereotypes go in the same category with conceptions and beliefs. Nothing is good, bad, positive or negative. There are no good people and there are no bad people. Good or bad days are only some concepts. Nothing (not even you or your kid) is good or bad. Everything is neutral. You have to learn to see things as empty entities, regardless of their colors, shapes, social classes and functions. Things become good or bad according to how you perceive them, but this is pretty much it.

Stereotypes only bring in negative effects over both parts. The one who stereotypes is not open minded at all, while the stereotyped individual becomes a victim. Most people who use stereotypes have a constant lack of confidence in those around them, as well as themselves. When you prosecute others, you unconsciously prosecute yourself as well. Open your soul and the world will most likely look a lot better. There are, indeed, a lot of people who may not raise to your expectations, but stereotypes will prevent you from meeting the ones who truly care too.

Break bad habits that cause addiction

Bad habits are those habits that cause addiction. There are plenty of them, but some of them are just more popular than others. Television is one of them. Have you ever seen a commercial for Lamborghini on TV? How about a commercial for a beach house in Cyprus? Exactly! Successful people do not watch TV. They might have some free time now and then, but they choose not to. This is one of the most intoxicating habits out there. It eats valuable time and creates fake illusions. With access to Internet, television should not even be a source of information.

Learn how to avoid wasting time with useless stuff that brings nothing. You got no personal development, happiness or money. Watching TV or chatting over social networks for five hours a day is not too productive. Instead, learn to do something durable and concise. Such things must be important to you and the ones around you. There is no point to waste your time with problems that will become irrelevant years later. Feeling overwhelmed? You are not the only one. Turn it off and experiment the unplugged lifestyle for a weekend. You will love it.

Floating between heart, emotions and rational mind

Sometimes, you do need to trust your emotions. In other cases, you can trust your heart. Your rational mind will not always go in the same direction, yet it is also worth a little attention. In fact, your rational mind is more important than actual emotions. Spontaneity and craziness have not killed anyone so far. With all these, it might look like a paradox, but following your heart is not always the way to go. When your heart relates to your feelings, things are under control, since feelings are assumed and voluntary. Emotions, on the other hand, are raw. They are often provoked by chemical reactions within the body.

Fury or anger makes an excellent example. It is a spontaneous reaction that you do not control, yet it will have devastating effects over you and those around you. Do not let such breakthroughs run your life or you will regret it.

As a short final conclusion, personal development is an easy venture, but not if you fail to respect a few simple rules. Impose them to yourself overtime and chances are you will get on track before you even realize it.